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5 Reasons to Choose Plastic Pallet Over Wood Pallet

The plastic pallet and wooden pallet are two of the most used pallets for almost all manufacturing and shipping business. However, there are advantages between the wood and plastic as materials for making pallets. In this article, comparisons over plastic pallets versus wood pallets will be discussed which will focus more on choosing plastic pallets to use in your business.
1. Weight and Ease of Transportation
Plastic pallets are weigh less when compared to hardwood pallets. Paying for extra shipping fee cost because of the heavier pallet is not good for the business. With the 35% reduction in weight of plastic pallets over hardwood pallets, one can save more on the cost of shipping the plastic rather than using hardwood materials for pallets. These reasons contribute to the plastic pallet’s feature which is easier to transport.

2. Durability
Plastic pallets won’t easily break since technology in producing plastic today has already improved a lot. Plastic products are far more solid compared to wood which splinters a lot. Damage to plastic pallets can’t be easily achieved because of the consistency and solidness of the product design of the pallets.

3. Cleanliness
In a shipping business, it is never good to have products which easily attract termites and other tiny organisms that can destroy the overall appearance of products. For example, if you have a farm and you are shipping fruits and vegetables, it is not hygienic to place the fruits into a container which can later have fungus or bacteria build-up because of moisture. Aside from these, plastic pallets can be cleaned easily with water not like wood pallets when cleaned with water can attract several organisms which can even destroy the products.

4. Flexibility
Plastic pallets are made to be more flexible than wooden pallets. Pallets made of plastic are equipped with dividers which can hold several products in one container comparing to wooden pallets which can only hold one product with a single unit.

5. Safety
Since safety is one of the things which should be considered by all organizations, plastic pallets are safer to use than woods. This is because plastic pallets don’t have splinters, nails and even sharp edges and corners. Products stored and shipped won’t easily be damaged when contained on plastic pallets.

Plastic pallets are lighter, easy to transport, clean and hygienic, more flexible and safer to use rather than entrusting your products to wooden pallets. These features can let you save more on the budget you will use for storage and shipping purposes.

Guidelines in Selecting the Right Plastic Pallets for the Business

Plastic pallets are considered to be more durable and stronger than those of the softwood pallet and paper pallets. They are as durable as hardwood pallets. Choosing the right plastic pallet for your business is essential for one to save money on their budget on purchasing things which will not be used on to it’s full potential. Below are some guidelines on selecting the proper plastic pallets available in the market.

1. Check on the weight of your products that will be stored and placed onto the pallets. Since the most utilized among plastic pallets are those with dimensions of 48×40, it is better to check if your products will fit the pallets before deciding to purchase. Weight of the product is also necessary to know so that you will be assured that the plastic pallets to consider can sustain certain loads.

2. Be aware of the plastic pallet products that are available on the market. This is for you to compare durability, price, dimensions and even manufacturers. It is also a must to know about the different types of plastic pallets available.

3. It is important for you to have an idea on how to use the plastic pallets. Knowing details on the use of the pallet will help you determine what plastic pallets to buy. Some examples you need to contemplate are the weight of the products, are the pallets be used mainly for storage or shipping or may be both. Will the pallets be lifted by a forklift or pallet jack only?

4. Contact plastic pallet manufacturers or pallet stores in order to discuss the type of pallet you will need for the business. For sure, manufacturers and stores selling pallets will assist you on choosing the right pallet for you.

5. If possible, you can ask for samples and have an actual try on the products you will store and ship. Evaluating on how actual pallets will look like on your products gives the assurance that you selected the most suitable plastic pallets for the business.

Plastic pallets are only one kind of pallets. It is essential to choose the right one in order to maximize its use for your business. Aside from plastic pallets, there are still other pallets available in different types, class, dimension and materials used.

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