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Hi, I'm Dennis Brown, and I'm the creator of this web site, Pallets For Sale. I am also the owner of a small construction company here in the States. Pallets are a valuable piece of equipment, but also very overlooked in the grand scheme of things. Most people hardly pay pallets a second thought. But when you think about it, they are more than just a bunch of boards put together. In this site I'll attempt to explain the difference in types of pallets, quality of wood, costs, etc. Basically, I'd like this site to become your authority on the subject. And of course, please leave a message or comment anytime. I'd love your participation.

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5 Things to Know about Pallets for Sale

Pallets are flat beds usually used for storage or for the purpose of lifting heavy products or goods easily with the use of a forklift. Pallets come in different sizes and designs. Pallets for sale on the market today are made of cardboard, softwood, hardwood, plastic, steel or aluminum. Several manufacturers are now present on the market offering cheap pallets for sale. If you are in need of pallets, it is essential for you to be aware of a few things. Take time to read over these important notes you should know about pallets for sale.

1. Pallets come in different sizes. You can request for specific sizes from manufacturers or suppliers but also be aware that there are standard ISO sizes especially applicable for those products that are shipped globally.

2. Wood pallets are stronger than paper and equally as strong as plastic pallets. Though wood pallet is considered as the widely used pallets, plastic pallets are proven to be cost effective and space saver. Steel pallets are also available on the market which caters to heavy duty use. Aluminum pallets are also available for specified use.

3. The IPPC treaty created a measure that all wood pallets and timber products that should be used for export purposes to many countries should be fumigated or heat treated in order to kill wood born insects. This is to protect the products being shipped. Not following these legal rules can subject your delivery to delay by customs or even destruction of goods.

4. When shipping products to Europe, remember to purchase Euro Pallets. It is a requirement to use only Euro Pallets when shipping products to Europe and these pallets should be manufactured only by EPAL or EUR licensed companies.

5. Several manufacturers and suppliers are offering used pallets for sale. These pallets had been used by some companies and were already disposed of but are sold again after suppliers repair some damages. Buying used pallets for sale will cut down your expenses in purchasing new pallets especially if your budget is tight.

Knowing the essential facts about pallets is very crucial in order to make good and pertinent decisions for your shipping or warehouse business..