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How to Choose the Best Pallet for your Business

Pallets is one of the most important things that should be chosen properly in any business related to manufacturing and shipping. Since pallets come in different kinds and forms, it is critical to choose the best pallet to hold products for storage and shipment purposes. This article will guide you on choosing the right pallet for your business. Classes and kinds of pallets will also be tackled.

1. Dimensions.
Make sure that the pallet dimensions you choose will fit underneath the products that will be stored or shipped. This is important that you buy the right sizes of pallets. In the US, the most commonly used size for pallets is 48×40.

2. Types.
There are two types of pallets, the stringer and the block type. The stringer types are also called as the ‘two-way pallets’ for the reason that it can only be lifted by a pallet jack by two directions. These types of pallets are not very stable because only parallel stringers are used. The block type is stronger because it utilizes the perpendicular and parallel stringers. It is also called as the ‘four-way pallets’.

3. Materials used for the pallet.
Wood, plastic, paper, steel and aluminum are the materials which can make up pallets. Paper and soft wood pallets are the cheapest among all the pallets available on the market. This is because they are created for light load and are expendable after the first use. Plastic pallets can be re-used several times because they are created for durability. For heavy duty use, it is recommended for you to choose the steel and aluminum pallets.

4. Price.
In choosing pallets, price can also be considered. Be sure to select the pallets that will maximize storage and shipment and will also provide the durability you demand.
A lot of companies also offer discounts when you buy in bulk so be sure to ask around.

5. Manufacturers.
Several manufacturers are available on the market to assist your need for pallets. Be sure to go around before you make deals with manufacturers. It is alright to shop around for the best manufacturer who will cater the right pallets for your business accompanied with the right price. Choosing the right pallet container for your needs can be a lot easier if you already have an idea.

Try to search online and ask around for more information on related topics with pallets. After all, it is you and your business which will benefit once you successfully selected the right pallet.

4 Tips on How to Choose the Right Pallet.

A pallet is used for a business in order to protect stocks or goods, minimize damage, maximize storage and to make lifting and transportation easy and smooth as possible. To choose the right pallet, one must consider their type of business and the need, pallet design, dimension, materials used and price. Knowledge on the different manufacturers of pallets for sale in the market is also an important consideration. These tips will help one to prevent from spending on the wrong storage materials.

1. Evaluating the business you have and the need to purchase pallets is the most important thing to do before deciding on what designs and types of storage materials you choose. Knowing and evaluating the need for pallets to be used will save you from incurring other expenses of choosing those which will not maximize the operation of the business.

2. The first consideration in choosing the right pallets is the design. The block and stringer are the two designs used broadly for pallets. Although they come in different sizes and patterns, all designs are based from either block or stringer. One can consult with the system made by the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) to determine which design is suited for a particular load.

3. After considering and choosing which design is suited for the business it is also important to decide on what materials to be used on the pallets. Paper, wood, plastic, steel and aluminum are the commonly used materials for pallets. Soft wood and paper pallets are the cheapest and are considered disposable while the hardwood pallets can be reused many times. Plastic pallets are durable and can be re-used several times. Steel pallets are sturdier but more costly than any other materials used mainly for heavy and high-stacking loads. Aluminum pallets are also widely available. They are stronger than plastic and wood, lighter than steel pallets and mainly used for long term outdoor storage.

4. Price is one of the deciding factors. When it comes to price, one must be able to consider the durability, strength, stiffness and materials used. If you are on a tight budget, considering cheaper ones can be the initial option but be sure not to compromise with quality. Several manufacturers are available online and can be searched for their prices on your chosen ones.
After evaluation of the need to have storage and transportation materials such as pallets in the business, the job of choosing the right ones will depend on the design, materials used, durability, dimensions and price.